Photo: Mary Caroline Russell

Moonwalking, Young Folk’s (aka Josh Lovelace) third release, is a modern pop infused take on his unique brand of family style Americana. The album features ten brand new songs created to spark imagination and happiness, out June 17, 2022. 

Lovelace, a member of the Grammy nominated rock band NEEDTOBREATHE, released his debut family album Young Folk in 2017 and followed that with the rave reviewed Growing Up in 2019. After five years of creating a unique space in the kids and family scene, this will be his first release under the moniker Young Folk. A lifelong appreciator of kid’s music, on Moonwalking he illustrates why it’s more important than ever to create a space where thoughtful content is being made just for today’s youth. Young Folk sets out to provide a warm and welcoming place for families to connect, unwind, laugh and enjoy each other. 

After spending more time at home and less on the road these past couple years, Lovelace was blessed with the opportunity be fully immersed in his family life, inspiring this collection. These new songs come from those real life moments where you slow down, take a look around and see the world through your child’s eyes. Both tender and sometimes silly, it’s a slice of life captured in memorable songs and relatable lyrics all delivered with his kind and gentle voice. Self-produced and recorded in his studio in Knoxville, Tennessee, Moonwalking provides a perfect playlist for family time.   

“When I started writing this record, I wanted to create a collection of songs that gave us all permission to use our imagination, leave our worries at the door and take life a little less seriously.” says Lovelace. “After the last few years we’ve all experienced, I really need the space to laugh and smile a little bit. I think we all need that. I hope this album does that for kids and families while celebrating a belief in and for the youngest listener.” 

The title track “Moonwalking” guides listeners to use their imagination to go to far-away places in your mind. We are all coming out of some pretty hard times and sometimes the best thing you can do is just close your eyes and imagine a weightless place free of worry, where adventure is waiting. Some of the best days Lovelace has while home with his family are playing outside and enjoying the sunshine and “Perfect Day” captures that feeling in a song. “Rosie Cat” introduces the family’s first pet Rosie, who quickly stole everyone’s hearts while “Silly Time” is an upbeat theme song for those moments at home where the whole family lets loose. “Wash Your Hands”, written back in 2020 but not released until now, is a fun rock song that reminds us all that good hygiene is the “bees knees”. “Mommy’s A Mermaid” is a nautical ear worm that came from spending time with his daughter Margo when she was 3, who gives her strong opinions about the idea of her mommy being a mermaid before the tune. “Flowers and Rainbows” is a beautifully simple love song that paints the picture of spending quality time with the people you care for most. “I Believe In You”, the most tender song on the album, is a love letter to his children professing his belief in them, and affirming they have everything they need to do great things in the world. Closing out the album is “Goodnight, My Dear” a sweet and simple lullaby he and his wife have sung to their own children for years. Josh hopes it will send other little ones peacefully off to dreamland as well.